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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Android' started by TrevorS3, May 30, 2018.

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    Hello Everyone,

    We're evaluating a Honeywell Android handheld with Parallels Client (latest via Playstore not legacy).
    Scenario is this;
    1. We load an RDP session from a server which runs the calculator application.
    2. We have the Parallels APP in touch mode (not onscreen keyboard or mouse).
    The problem is this;
    1. Touch stops working.
    2. Rotating through input options using three fingers tap on screen back to touch input appears to fix the problem. Touch becomes quick and responsive again.
    3. It's reproduced by docking the Honeywell for charging only i.e. dock isn't connected to anything else but power. When you take it out of dock it take a while for touch to become quick and responsive. Testers have this problem when no docking is involved. Just using and suddenly left click touch is unresponsive but hold down finger for right click works but then recovers few minutes later. During those few minutes you can use other APPs with touch no problem docked or undocked just not on the Parallels RDP session. WiFi is good too so not a problem there.
    4. Other RDP APPs do not exhibit this behaviour.

    Has anyone experienced this too? We like the Parallels Client because we can use the toolbar and it's easy to use but if we have to switch to an alternative, so be it. Hoping someone can help us...

  2. jpc

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    1. Are you using a RAS connection or just RDP?
    2. Does this happen also if using "Dumbo mouse" (which is a hybrid between touch and mouse modes)?
    3. Which Android OS is the device using?

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