No sound when using OSX High Sierra

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by 007Martini, Oct 19, 2017.

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    Unable to get sound to IOS device using High Sierra. The Parallels Access Sound output does not show as an option in the system preferences. Tested capability on same system in bootcamp "Windows 10" and sound passes to IOS device. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Access on both the IOS device and iMac. I have also verified the same behavior on "Test" account of a fresh install of High Sierra. This issues seems to be a High Sierra problem.
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    Hello 007Martini, When you connect to the Mac using Parallels Access, the output Sound adapter automatically changes to Parallels Virtual Audio Adapter to transfer the sound to the iPad. As the application is designed for the remote control, then there is no ability to use both Audio adapters at the same time.

    NOTE: When connecting from one computer to another using Parallels Access Web Console, sound streaming is not supported by design.

    And the workaround is :
    • Start System Preferences
    • Open Sound
    • Click "Output" tab
    • Select "Internal speakers" to fix the sound issue. Thanks!

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