Magic Mouse right click repeats

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RandyL1, Jan 12, 2018.

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    iMac 5K late 2017, Mac OS High Sierra, Parallels Desktop 13, Windows 7:
    I have the Magic Mouse 2, which supports gestures and has a rechargeable battery.
    When in Windows under Parallels the right click on the mouse (which Apple detects by your finger position as there is no separate button thanks to Steve Jobs) often results in two right clicks being sent to Windows. This does not happen in Mac OS. That's odd because presumably Mac OS is detecting mouse clicks and sending them to Parallels/W7. So two questions:
    1. Has anyone else seen this behavior?
    2. Are there W7 settings that can improve this and will those settings also change how the mouse is handled in Mac OS?

    Thanks for any advice.
    I really like Parallels.

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