How to Convert Outlook Express to Outlook PST?

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    Sometimes we need to transfer our emails from Outlook Express to MS Outlook, because Outlook express is old version. Now we can easily convert emails from Outlook Express DBX file format to PST and other file format like eml, emlx, msg, mbox and pst. How steps available in this blog. For details read this article
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    If you have expertise in technical troubleshooting, then you should first try the manual method i.e. free of cost.
    The manual method will complete the whole procedure in two phases:
    Phase 1: Import Outlook Express data to Windows live mail.
    Phase 2: Import data from Windows live mail file to MS Outlook
    If you are a non-technical user, then a manual method is a time consuming and complicated process for you. In this situation, user should use third party software.
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    For importing and exporting DBX into PST files manually, Follow the below steps
    Go to MS Outlook program.
    Go to the File menu-> Choose Import and Export option.
    After Selecting the Import and Export Wizard -> Choose Import Internet Mail and address option-> Then Click on the Next
    Now, Choose Outlook Express Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x in the Outlook Import Tool dialog box-> The Check on the Next tab.
    An Import Address dialog box will appear in your Screen -> Click on Finish Tab, and it's done!
    Above steps are quite helpful to import DBX Files to PST.
    Or else you can go for other third party tools. For more info visit:
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    Before approaching a Software, let's firstly convert DBX to PST format by the manual way.
    Follow the link to learn how conversion of DBX to PST is done by the manual way.
    If you fail in doing so then you surely use a trusted third party software to convert DBX to PST. DBX to PST Converter performs a very safe conversion of the DBX files of Microsoft Outlook Express into PST format of Microsoft Outlook.
    Read more:
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    Hi @AmandaS2 , thank you for sharing this with us.
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    Users don't need to convert Outlook Express to Outlook PST. They can just import their Outlook Express mailbox data into MS Outlook. This can be done by using the manual method. I have found an article that describes the manual method in detail with its pros and cons. You can check out the article from here:
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    Before purchasing any paid software for DBX to PST conversion, you should refer to this blog post -
    There are two easy manual tricks shared in the above blog post. By using the manual tricks, you can easily import the email messages from DBX files of Outlook Express to Outlook client. The manual tricks don't require any 3rd party tool or any other cost. I hope the shared information would be helpful here.
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    there are two options to convert your Outlook Express to Outlook PST.
    1) Freeware or manual way
    2)Commercialware or Third party tool
    Although Freeware or manual sound good, it involves lots of effort and technical understanding, and it doesn't convert DBX to PST format, it only helps to export the Outlook Express to Outlook PST.
    That's why, I would go for the Commercialware option it safe & swift, and doesn't involve any technical expertise. You can download DBX To PST Converter from the internet. It also serves some usful feature.

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