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    It would be very helpful to me to have a feature to disable external display.
    I have a workplace setup for my Macbook Pro 15" with one external monitor and one TV.
    I work mostly with the internal display and the external monitor, but sometimes I need the TV also.
    The problem is that I have to plug and unplug the TV each time I need it, because macOS always see the TV when the TV is on.
    For example, if I watch a TV network or another HDMI input, the Mac see the TV and open some system windows on it that I cannot see.
    On the system preference it's not possible to ignore the TV screen, so I have to unplug it, very annoying.
    There is two software AFAIK that support this feature:
    DisableMonitor (Code source included)

    Can you add this feature in the parallels toolbox please ?
    Thank you very much
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