Can't connect to PC through browser but iOS app works

Discussion in 'Accessing your PC' started by BRUCES3, Jul 12, 2017.

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    I am trying to access a Windows PC using Parallels Access from a Mac. It sees that the computer is online but it just spins at "connecting". I am able to access that same PC from iPad using iOS parallels access app. I am also able to access a different Windows PC from the Mac that I can't access the one from so i am inclined to believed the Mac is not the issue. Obviously it is something specific to the one PC itself that I can't access. Does the iOS app use a different port than the browser when connecting?
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling parallels access on the windows PC that I can access through iOS app but not through browser and it didn't have any impact. Also it has been broken like this for several weeks so I don't think its a temporary issue on Parallels end like it appeared in other similar threads on this board.
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    Don't waste your time, having the exact same problem, never been able to connect with browser, only app.
    Parallels should refund at least 50% of the subscription

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